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Serenity Now!  Your Silly Season Survival Kit

Who remembers that episode on Seinfeld when George’s father Frank keeps exclaiming ‘Serenity Now’, intending on bypassing his frustrations and find a lasting solution to inner peace?  Of course by the end of the show he explodes and destroys everything in his path!  Such is the trap for many yogis who only use affirmations and positive thinking without actually acknowledging how they truly feel.  This Silly Season, let’s commit to both serenity and keeping it real!

Being a yogi often means being highly sensitive to energy which has it's huge advantages and also it's reminder to protect your aura when around large groups of people, or out of your normal peaceful routine. If you get overwhelmed easily when not given enough time alone to spiritually recharge and don’t understand some of the crazy out-of-control behaviours that may accompany the 'silly' season, here's some tips to stay centred amongst all the parties and big family gatherings.

1. Don't force yourself to be nice. Rather choose to see everyone as perfect in the eyes of LOVE and through this awareness, you will naturally find conversations with others will be empowering and you will be able to see the good in all. You will truly feel and know that everyone is doing the best they can with their current level of awareness.
2. Choose not to pretend. One of the interesting dynamics of being with all your family all at once on Christmas Day is you don't know which 'personality' to put forward, since we unknowingly become a different character for different people. You may behave one way with your Mum, but a different way with your brother, different again with your cousin - you may be loving with some family members, hurt by some and competitive with others. It's exhausting and leads to big frustrations and often family disagreements. So just DO YOU! Authenticity is not only a relief for you, it silently conveys to everyone else just to be themselves. Talk about your successes and your failures - we all have them, so keep it real and watch the positive response you receive.

3. Avoid buying into others' egos. Ego behaviour is not just big-noting - it also includes victim mentality (feeling sorry for oneself), negative belief systems (the world and people are 'terrible'), views that others' are better off and more. If you feed others' ego projections, you make their stories real when in fact the ego is based on illusion. This isn't an easy task but do your best not to agree with ego-based stories you hear from others. Rather talk about all the good you have encountered throughout the year.

4. Take responsibility if someone irritates you. The way to stop the endless pattern of being annoyed by certain people is to accept they are in your life to teach you something. They may also be a reflection of the parts of yourself (albeit in a smaller way) that irritate you about yourself. Oh this one takes courage to apply but is well worth owning your stuff and transcending it!
5. Honour your True Self. Say no when you need to honour yourself first. You don't have to go to every event, function or party over the festive season. If you need rest or just time out to find your centre, you have the right to put yourself first. Turning up to something that you are resisting actually blocks your energy field and can make you sick. It's not selfish to say no.
Many magical moments for the festive season to you all and SERENITY NOW!


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Aromatherapy - The Power of Essential Oils

Yoga Retreat Thailand

Aromatherapy and essential oils can be an incredible ally in our journey to achieve optimal health on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. In recent months I have incorporated essential oils to my daily life and I find hard to believe there was a time I didn't use them! The right essential oils are very likely to change your life for the better however we should be aware of cheap imitations or inferior replacements that are void of healing properties and can potentially damage our health.

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Online Healers Course

We have released to the public our Online Healers Course!!. We're excited to be able to offer you one of our best courses now Online.

My Health Healers Course is a powerful journey of personal transformation and healing, as well as providing many tools and techniques for facilitating healing for others. Our graduates have gone on to run healing centres, healing retreats or work in various centres where healing therapies are offered.

One of the main qualifications from this course is to become a Reiki Master, enabling you to run your own Reiki workshops. Whether you intend to practice as a qualifed Healer or whether you wish to heal and restore yourself at a deep soul level, this course will elevate you to a new level of freedom, lightness and bliss. Be prepared to journey deep within, have the courage to explore the inner realms. Learn to laugh, cry, dance, make love, feast, sleep and be present to all of life with pure joy and lack of self-consciousness.

Upon completion you will be eligible for a Certificate in Level 1 Healing Therapies accredited with MHA and able to operate a professional healing business or work as a sub-contractor anywhere in the world.

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Brand New Yoga Massage Online Course

Yoga Massage Practitioner Training is great for yoga practitioners, teachers, masseuses, healers and more! Learn as a healing tool for your students, clients or just to share with loved ones.

The Yoga Massage we have developed and teach at My Health uses a fusion of Thai and Hawaiian bodywork with Western massage techniques. The combination of these techniques creates a very profound and healing experience for both giver and receiver. The powerful healing system of Yoga Massage is very holistic and therapeutic. It uses a combination of acupressure, asana, stretching, joint mobilisation, massage, meridian therapy, breathwork and mantras (affirmations). This special course is taught by our founder and director, Carrie-Anne Fields and owner of My Heatlh Massage, Susie Rad.

Both Carrie and Susie are highly trained in yoga, healing therapies and various massage therapies and have worked together since 2001.

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There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness.

- His Holiness Dalai Lama

Dear Carrie

new Yoga Classes

Q. I am feeling frustrated as a yoga studio owner when our new ideas for classes and workshops seem to be ‘stolen’ by other studios or teachers in our area. It’s not that I don’t want to see other studios and teachers thrive but I feel so ‘ripped off’ when this happens. What are your views on this? Anon

A: Thank you for having the courage to share this as it is a delicate yet important topic. Firstly, they say imitation is the highest compliment so there’s a positive! On the deeper side, this speaks to the heart of Asteya (non-stealing), one of the sacred yogic yamas. Asteya refers to the stealing or taking without permission of objects, ideas and taking credit for something you did not do. When we steal we create energy blockages in the body and therefore restrict the flow of prana to our body, mind and spirit. It’s a lesson that others may need to learn and so I will use this platform to express my view as you have asked of me: We have our own unique vision of what we believe yoga is and we have a right to promote only that which supports this vision. I ask all yoga teachers to FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE and celebrate yourself daily by being bold enough to keep promoting your vision. You are enough! Your way is needed. The Universe did not make a mistake in creating you in your own divine way with your own incredible and special talents. Shine! You don't need to ride on anyone's coattails. You don't need to do things the way another studio, teacher or clinic does. You only need to rejoice in YOU and be courageous enough to broadcast it. Then the success you seek will come. No more gimmicks, no more formulas, stop reading the 'how to' books - go within and BE YOURSELF. Love to all studio owners and teachers!

Q. I’m just about finished with module 6, I’m just stuck on two of the questions for the assignment being: In everyday life, one of these nadis is always dominant. How do you feel an ida-dominant person may behave, PLUS where are they challenged in their yoga practice? How do you feel a Pingala-dominant person may behave, PLUS where are they challenged in their yoga practice? I was just wondering if you could explain this a little more, it would be very much appreciated! Thank you. Alex

A. Hi Alex, lovely to hear from you and great question. I will refer you back to your notes to read more about Ida Nadi and Pingala Nadi - essentially they relate to our feminine/masculine energy balance so if we are more feminine in our energy (strong Ida energy) then we may favour home life, creativity, spirituality etc and we may be challenged by strong dynamic yoga practices. Masculine excess energy can show up as too focused on achievement, money, ego and can be challenged by meditation, chanting etc.

Q. I’ve been practicing yoga for 15 years and am keen to share my knowledge with other yogis but I feel that the yoga world has become so commercial, that students are being robbed of the true essence of the practice and the authentic teachings are being lost. This has left me feeling unsure about where I belong in the yoga world. I know that as teachers and students we need to evolve with the times, and I often have people telling me just to get out there and teach, but I feel riddled with self doubt and a fear of failure in an ever changing yoga landscape; what if my teachings are too traditional and not funky enough? Can you suggest a way to move through this challenging time, perhaps shifting my perspectives in order to heal and move forward? Tanya

A: Hi Tanya, this is such a wonderful question and a concern many yoga teachers have. For me, I always come back to, 'What is my INTENTION for teaching yoga?' When you can simplify and clarify this intention inwardly, it will assist you to move out into the yoga 'marketplace' with confidence that you are being true to your self. Your authenticity with your teachings is what is required to be a phenomenal yoga teacher, not your adherence to either past or present methods of teaching. Traditional yoga is perfect! Modern yoga is perfect! The Universe has a divine plan and cannot make any mistakes so trust in the process of this evolving yoga tradition and find your unique place within it. For me, my intention for teaching yoga is for my students to find love, peace and joy within and my methods for teaching are kindness, non-judgment and unconditional love. The modality of yoga is just one way to impart my highest intention and is not reliant on advanced poses - rather, my ability to honour my intention is to continue to work on purifying my heart. I love your final thought about 'shifting perspectives in order to heal and move forward' which means you have already found the answer! Trust yourself and know you are needed to pass on the magic that is yoga. Much love and support coming your way!

Transformations. A Guided Journal.

Transformations by Zoe Fields.

A Guided Journal is a guide suitable for anyone wanting to discover their innermost thoughts and beliefs. If you work through this guided journal you will discover who you truly are. You will develop your own insights about your world and you will be transformed. Your choices will become mindful and your own eternal wisdom will guide you. You will feel reborn.

MHY TV

Questions to Carlos.

Yoga Retreat Thailand

Q. Thanks Carlos,

Hope you are well Just a question What is the significance of the 6 tastes to our dosha If I am predominantly pitta for example (water fire) do I avoid salty or seek out salty food And if I am Vata (air space) do I seek out bitter or avoid bitter food Also my score for the ayurvedic quizz was 28 Pitta and 14 Vata and 8 Kaph Its not quite 2.5 times so would I be a mix of Pitta and Vata?

Thanks Annie

A: Hello Annie,

Thank you for your email and your question. Firstly since the difference between your results in Pitta and the rest is more than 10 points in my experience we could safely consider you a Pitta dominant constitution, which means that most of the time and under most situations and scenarios you will react, behave, feel and heal according to Pitta dosha characteristics. However you also have Vata and Kapha within you of course, so there will be situations (albeit less frequently) where they will manifest. The 6 tastes are a guideline that can give us more information about ourselves and our constitution as to why we do and react to situations/foods/energies etc, the way we do. Pitta constitution benefits most from the sweet, bitter and astringent tastes as they tend to balance this Dosha. Your body may naturally gravitate towards these tastes. It doesn’t mean you should never consume sour, salty or pungent, it just mean that these 3 tastes in excess will likely bring your Pitta dosha out of balance (either towards deficiency or excess). However if your body naturally craves these every so often it may be the Vata within you seeking balance and therefore you should consume them. The key is mindfulness and moderation as they keep us in control to not be overrun by addictions and bad habits, however it is perfectly ok to treat ourselves every so often with whatever taste we desire. The information provided about the Doshas is a guideline and tool to better understand ourselves, however we are all vastly different and even people with similar constitutions will ultimately be different among themselves. Understanding the ins and out of our own particular makeup is a life’s work and the Doshas are there to help you discover more about yourself. Listening to your bodies is always one of the best tools to remain healthy and in balance. :) Hope this helps! Namaste

Q. Hi Carlos,

I am currently working through module 7, Anatomy of common injuries. By the way, I am enjoying every minute of your videos and notes. The quality of your notes is very high and I appreciate all the work you put into making the videos informative and interesting but not too long. Thank you for that. It is a lot of fun learning from you two. I have a question regarding module 7. We are supposed to answer a question regarding our own chronic pains and their metaphysical meaning. I don't have any physical pain at all but I have been carrying something with me all my life. From when I was very young I have been chewing around my fingernails (i know its terrible). I was wondering if the fingers are related to some metaphysical meaning as well (there was nothing in the notes) and if you would be able to tell me. I have been trying for a long time to stop this habit but unsuccessfully. Maybe if I work on underlying issues I could get rid of it. Thank you for your time and have a lovely sunday night :) xx Amelie

A. Hello Amelie,

Thank you for your email, Yes for this activity you can use your nail chewing experience as I believe it is potentially a physical manifestation of a metaphysical imbalance. Nail bitting could be a sign of chronic worry, stress and or/anxiety. This comes when we feel things are not under our control (could be financial, relationships, work etc) and our fingers have often to do with the direction we take our life towards. Since you’ve been chewing your nails since you were young there may be quite a bit of exploration that can be done. Working perhaps on self worth (Manipura chakra) and trust in yourself and your intuition (Anahata and Anja chakras) plus Asana such as the Warriors could help start shifting extra energy towards releasing your inner spiritual strength that’ll allow you to trust that you are enough, and loved by the Universe. Trusting in yourself and in the Universe are potentially big avenues we could explore here. However not knowing your full case it’s difficult to know with certitude. I recommend you do some meditation about these areas and see if there is any imbalances you can identify and address. Hope this helps Amelie, looking forward reading your activities for this module. Let us know if we can be of service anytime. Namaste. Carlos